The doctrine of the End Times (Eschatology) includes the Return of Christ, the end of the world, judgment heaven and hell. Many Christians neglect the subject for various reasons:

  • They are almost exclusively focused upon current events and activities.
  • They don’t like thinking about death.
  • They are afraid of thinking about the End Times (which are difficult to imagine anyway).
  • They feel the return of Christ won’t happen in their lifetime because, after all, people have thought the End was near down through the centuries.
  • They are confused and put off by the strange, frightening symbolism of the Book of Revelation.
  • They are put off by people, including Christians, who have extreme – even crazy - views on the subject. 
  • They may have no assurance of eternal life (for themselves or deceased loved-ones), but rather a vague hope.
  • They have little awareness of accountability to God and the idea of judgment worries them.
  • They find the idea of Jesus literally returning to earth somewhat unbelievable.

Yet teaching on the End Times (Eschatology) is important:

  • It makes up some 9% of the New Testament, which is a very significant proportion.
  • The New Testament teaches that we should be living in the light of the End Times.
  • It is important that the Christian community has an informed hope, instead of the current ignorance or fear, and conveys a message of hope.
  • It is important that the Christian community has a proper sense of accountability to God including an awareness of the last judgment.

It is because of this that we have created this section of the website to help Christians begin to face up to and benefit from this important area of teaching.

Please also see "A Certain Hope".

If you have questions or comments, feel free to write to my blog site.

Please also see Patricia Higton’s book “Life after life” also on this website.

Maranatha Network

The Maranatha Network is a network of Christians who:

1.    Use a brief DAILY MEDITATION for each day of the month. The Network provides a simple, brief daily procedure to encourage thought and prayer about the Return of Christ, including as an incentive to responsible Christian living.

2.    Encourage Christians and churches to convey a “WORD OF CAUTION” (as gently as possible and in the context of a positive gospel message) that we shall all stand before God as our judge one day.


Jesus tells us to be alert, be on guard and to watch for his Return. But how do we do so? The daily meditation is a practical, brief, daily way of doing this in just a minute or two.

It includes:

·         a relevant verse or two of Scripture,

·         a thought-provoking question and

·         a very brief prayer

for every day of the month.  CLICK ON:  Maranatha Network Daily Meditation

It is written by the Rev Tony Higton and may be freely copied so long as the footnote about Tony’s websites is included.

The material seeks to avoid dubious biblical interpretation and naive assumptions about current events. Tony’s conviction is that we don’t have to agree on every aspect of End Times teaching but rather to respect one another when we don’t agree. This contrasts with distressing controversies over aspects of eschatology caused by unwarranted dogmatism.

Please forward this information and the meditation to as many Christians as possible and please pray that they will make use of it. It could be a means of bringing a whole new perspective into their lives.


It cannot be loving for the church to fail to warn people (as gently as possible and in the context of a positive gospel message) that we shall all stand before God as our judge one day.

If we know that people are heading towards disaster we are duty bound to warn them as effectively as we can.

We need to remember that Jesus spoke frequently of judgment as did the Apostles (to Gentiles as well as Jews) – see Word of Caution

Eschatology Resources

"Living in the light of the End (which is a new beginning)"
covers the whole range of biblical teaching on the End Times and relates extensively to current events and trends. It is in two versions: FULL and SUMMARY.

28 Articles and 1 Book Available in this Category

Articles in the older material are arranged according to subject and to whether they are:
1. Short popular articles for the general reader
2. Longer popular articles for the general reader
3. More academic articles where relevant

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